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Subcontracting stock report

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Hi Folks,

I am sending subcon stock to the vendor using 541 O from a stock.This stock is moved to the subcontractor from different Storage Locations of a Plant.

I want to know of a way, by which I can identify the stock at Subcon vendor, based on the SLoc from where the stock was sent out, as I need this information in a program to do subsequent reporting, ZTable updates etc.

Subcon stock is at plant level, and does not consider at Sloc level, for example in MMBE.

I can search for movements done from the plant sloc, but it will be very resource hungry, is there any standard table/report/BAPI which can help me in achieving this.



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MBLB and ME2O provides your expected report but with material movements with movement type(541)- you can refer report with t.code S_P00_07000139


Biju K

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Hi Shailesh,

It's difficult SAP doesn't have that option from existing process. So, It better you need to activate BADI based on your requirement.

Kindly go through the below notes:

OSS Note: 206159 & OSS Note: 1273567 and OSS Note: 376050 



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Hi Shailesh,

You can also check through the material document(MB51), just put the movement type 541, 543 and validity period. system will generate the report, here you have to do some manual effort to get the exact report


Ankur Chauhan

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You can try enabling 'ADSUBCON'. Here you issue materials to vendor through a subcon delivery and plant and sloc info available in LIPS table.

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There is no record of the original storage location once the stock is posted as subcontracting stock at vendor. Yes, you will have the original movement and you may try read documents, but if the same material was delivered from different storage locations, you will never know which one was consumed in the subcontracting process.

I don't find a logical reason, but as we know, not always are good reason for customer requirements! jajaja.

Now some ideas that may help you. If you are using batch management for those materials, you may include a characteristic in the batch with the original storage location.

if they are different materials that comes from different storage locations, you can read the procurement storage location from MRP2 material view and assume that the material was delivered from that Sloc.

I hope this helps,


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There is no way of knowing the origin storage location of a subcontractor stock without looking into the movements or deliveries.

If this is a standard subcontract scenario (not through ME2ON) then you wont have any reference from subcontractor stock  to a PO or a delivery, just best guesses.