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Subcontracting Scenario for Repair fof Spares

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Dear All

We have a scenario whereby the Damaged spares will be sent to vendor for repairs.

There is a spare material with 3 valuation types : LOC-DAMAGD, LOC-NEW & LOC-REFURB

The LOC-DAMAGD material has to be sent to vendor for repairs against which we will receive the LOC-REFURB material.

The process is :

SUBCON PO -> Transfer Posting to Vendor (Damaged Material) -> MIGO of Refurbished Material


1) There is no Plant & Maintenance module implemented, so no maintenance order is generated

2) Now to issue the damaged material, it has to be brought into stock through maintenance order (mvt type 262)

Can anyone suggest how this could be handled.

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you have created LOC-DAMAGD, LOC-NEW & LOC-REFURB as 3 diff valuation types.

when you are sending the dammaged part for the repairs, the stock of the LOC-NEW or LOC-REFURB has to be reduced.

As the dammage has to be either from LOC-REFURB or LOC-NEW .

Use movement type 309 to transfer the material LOC-NEW (for example) to LOC-DAMAGD.

Then issue the material LOC-DAMAGD to the vendor.

Rest of the process is same as you have designed.


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Take normal sub contract process. create a vendor for sub contract. Make a PO for sub contract with line item LOC-Finish . for that issue LOC_DAMAGE.

same way when you receive the LOC-FINISH material. then LOC-Damage will get consume.


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As this damaged material is valuated, it should have stock in the system.

If it is non valuated, then create a stock with movement type 501.

Create subcontracting PO with item category L, for material LOC-REFURB & maintain it's subcomponent as damaged material.

Issue the stock to vendor with 541.

Then do the GR.

Hope this helps you.



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not possible with 262 as it is Consumption for order from warehouse - reversal

here you have to go for pure subcontracting process

send LOC-DAMAGD and get back OC-NEW or LOC-REFURB