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Subcontracting Reject

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Hello SAP experts,

I have subcontracting issue like to have your good opinion:

We using subcontracting create delivery on selected subcontracting PO via transaction ADSUBCON to send the components part to oversea subcontractor to do the sub-assembly process. Each A finish goods need one each of X and Y component part, so the same quantity of each component will delivery to subcontractor. for instance, 10K of A material PO issued, 10K each X, Y components delivery to subcontractor with batch no. indicated when delivery order issue.

May i know what are the return process for subcontracting due to quality issue:

1) After GR done at MIGO after received part from subcontractor, QA reject some of the assembled part and want to send back to subcontractor for rework? what is the transaction should i use?

2) Subcontractor reject the component part due to quality issue, what transaction should i do for transfer back the component part from subcontractor?

3) How should i do if subcontractor over-consumption the components part and i need to delivery more for one of the component for them? My component delivery always use subcontracting PO that link to BOM of assembled part.

Appreciate for the answer soon.

Thank you,


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