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Subcontracting process - Create a delivery document with ME2O - Missing Shipping point

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While testing the subcontracting process, when trying to create the delivery document with the transaction ME2O, the pop up that appears where I have to put the quantity for the component do not include the shipping point. even when I put the shipping point manually it does not work, I get an error message, I already checked that shipping point exists and that the delivery type LB is assigned to the division. what should I check else ? can anyone help me please ?

Thank you in advance

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Hello omaima_bellagnech

Check the note 199360 - Creation of a SD delivery from TA ME2O

Most probably you are missing the following setting:

a shipping point must be assigned to the combination shipping condition (from the master record of the debtor that is assigned to the subcontracting vendor), loading group (from the material master of the component) and plant (Customizing shipping: Basic Shipping Functions --> Shipping Point and Goods Receipt determination --> Assign shipping points, Transaction OVL2).

Best regards

Dominik Tylczynski

Hello Dominik,

First, I would like to thank you for your quick answer. I added the BP of the plant in the customer field inside the subcontractor. Now the shipping point is determined automatically