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Stock Transport Order Accounting effect

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When we do STO from one plant to another plant within same company code.

1. if diffrent price is maitained at both plant. Product A- 100 @plant 1 and Product A-120 @ plant 2. 20 will go to price difference A/c. This price diffrence a/c get affect my accounting entry

2. is it possible to maintain same price for Two different plant. Product A-100@plant 1 and Product A-100 @Plant 2.


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Hello 0025121074

Ad 1. Yes, you are right. Plant-to-plant transfer posting is valued at the price of the issuing plant. So if the material price is different in the issuing plant and the receiving one, then we'll have a price difference. It will be posted to

  • either a stock account in case of a material valued with moving average price
  • or a price difference account in case of a material valued with standard price.

Ad 2. Yes, you can have the same price in different plants.

Best regards

Dominik Tylczynski