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Stock transfer between Batch and Non Batch managed Plants

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Plant A is Batch Managed and Plant B is not batch managed.

When I do STO, I want the Batch data from Plant A to be stored in some custom tables (when Inbound delivery is received in Plant B) as it is required for any recall and outbound purposes.

Batch level is unique at Plant level.

Please advise how can I go through the above scenario.



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Answers (4)

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Dear Expert,

I have similar problem but the way around.

The suppling plant A has no batch but receiving plant B is batch managed.

And when I try to post the goods issue, which also book the 107 in the receiving plant. The system says I have to enter the batch, however, I do not have the chance to create the batch in VL02N, since in the suppling plant batch is not required.

Can someone help here?

Best regards


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Hi Cheng, how are you? Were you able to solve your issue? Can you tell me how, please? Thanks 

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Hi Prabhakar

In STO, the supplying plant is the vendor (batch managed).

So, you may workout for an enhancement to fetch the supplying plant's batch number on to the vendor batch (Field: LICHA) during Goods receipt.

However, incase multiple batches, you should look for lines items in goods receipt.

warm regards

sairam akundi

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The details would be recorded on the STO.

This is not going to be enough for you in the case of a recall, but if there is a chance of a recall then the material should be batch managed at the receiving plant also. This would be the "official" advise.

Steve B

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Dear Prabhakar,

Can u rephrease ur question??

Means Ur Stock transfer GR should be shown in Somewhere??