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Stock determination in outbound delivery

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Hi ,

My requirement is during the outbound delivery the system should see the stock in storage location 1 and if there is no stock in storoge location 1 then it should check in storage loc 2.

So I configured 'Stock determination' in Materials Management->Inventory Management and Physical Inventory->Stock Determination->Define Strategies for Stock Determination

I create the strategy for the stock determination and assign this in item cat TAN in node Materials Management->Inventory Management and Physical Inventory->Stock Determination->Delivery.

Also I assign the same strategy in materiala master plant/storage loc view.

Then I create Sales order and Then delivery.

Now how this stock determination takes place in outbond delivery? In Migo for there is icon for stock determination. So how stock determination works in outbound delievry.

Please suggest me the futher steps....


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It is based on the strategy. You can prioritize the storage location priority in the strategy you have made. When you create the delivery the system will check and run the strategy at the time of Post Goods Issue. There are other things you have to check let's say what batch determination strategy you are using FEFO, etc.


Hope this will resolve your issue.




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Also maintain the Stock Determination Group in MRP2 View of the Material Master which you have created above. It'll not function properly without that.