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Hi gur's

I want to know from u The prerequisites and customization step by step of Stock transfer order.


Raja Shekhar

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Configuring the Stock Transport Order

While I am doing Stock transport order I am getting the following error:

"Not possible to determine shipping data for material 4500012"

I have maintained the material 4500012 in both the plants.

I am not quite sure to what you are trying to say but the cross company Stock Transport Orders can be done by:

- Configure using transaction OMGN.

- Depending upon the sending and receiving plants, maintain sales organization and customer data in customizing.

- Maintain the supplying plant as a vendor and attach the plant to the vendor in the Vendor Master.

- Material type has to be HALB or HAWA.

- Ensure that the company with sales Organization has a plant to take care of stocking.

- The PO used is NB and not Stock Transfer PO.

Configure SD for inter-company billing to enable picking up the pricing procedure for billing.

- Carry Out delivery through process delivery due list and billing through process billing due list.

Otherwise, You need to configure your Stock Transport Order settings for your Cross-Company:

Business Transaction to work.

1. Customer No. for the Goods Receiving Plant - OMGN

2. Availability Check- Checking Rule (if necessary) - OMGN

3. Assign a Delivery Type for the Delivering Plant - OMGN (for Stock Transport Orders, NLCC)

4. PO type (which i belive you have done) - OMGN

5. Assign Vendor No. to the Supplying Plant (done) - VK02

6. Assign Customer No. to the Purchasing Plant for the Inter-Compnay Invoice (but you need to assign this to the Sales Organization pre-assigned to the Purchasing Plant),

IMG-SD-Billing-InterCompany Billing-Define Internal Customer No. by Sales Org

***and by the way for the Invoice to work between Cross-Compnay Plants, you need also to have a Sales Org for the Supplying Plant and a Pricing Determination Procedure.

Configure Intercompany Stock Transport Order

Material should exist in both the plants (Delivering & Ordering),

Internal customer should be assaigned to the ordering plant ( MM -> Purchasing -> Purchase Order -> Setup stock transport order -> assign the internal customer to the ordering plant and assign the Sales area of the internal customer.

Assign its Sales area to the delivering plant

Assign the document type and Delivery type NB and NLCC

Assign the Supplying plant --> Receiving Plant --> NB

Take the delivering plant and assign the sales area.

Vendor master has to be created and assaign the supply source ( Delivering Plant).

Create a puchase order ME21N ---> Save

Delivery VL10 G ---> Calculation rule (appropriate) --> Assaign the purchase order number here and execute.

Select the Delivery creation line and do the back ground process.

Start the log display and see the delivery document number by the documents button

Goto VL02N --> do picking and PGI --> Then do the MIGO with respect to the delivery document.

Billing (Intercompany pricing conditions should be set).

Refer the links