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STO Reversal

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Hi Experts

UB STO with delivery cost, GR done and IR posted for the delivery cost.

But able to reverse the GR without cancelling the IR.  I have verified the OMBZ for movement 102 and it is already unckeced, desbite still able to reverse prior cancelling the invoice.

{my previous post was blocked by moderator. It is important to know the other option as i cant find anywhere any helpless}



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Answers (3)

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   As of my knowledge, OMBZ configuration will check the IR for goods/service items only. It wont check the IR posted for planned delivery cost, parked invoices etc. In case of intra company STO, there is no invoice for goods/service items and system will allow to cancel the GR even though the IR for planned delivery cost is posted.

   You may test the same scenario with a normal PO and check the system behavior.



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The reason for the rejection was given, so do not blame a moderator for rejection if you cannot even write a subject without mistakes.

using a spell checker would really help to improve such words like "reveral, unckeced, desbite"

If you would have searched and have read the documentation, then you should know that OMBZ settings have to do with GR based IV.

a UB stock transfer order does in standard not even have an invoice, as it is plant to plant stock transfer within one company.

does your PO have the necessary ticks  that are precondition for OMBZ?

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Hi all ;

I understand that a sto is used with good issue and good receipt in a company.

For example : 647/101 movements are runned by delivery. After that , a delivery cost is booked with VT01 , refered by delivery. But , you want to reverse material documents.

It is impossible in sap standart behaviour. Because , you have a transportation invoice related with your delivery. Sap will not give permission for VL09.


M.Ozgur Unal

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And this post will be removed by moderator..

Search in SCN about this query..

You will get your answer...

Just search as "Reversal GR without cancel IR"