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Steps for Import PO (PO to MIRO)

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Hi Experts

Can any one tell me the steps for IMPORT PO

(From PO to MIRO)

in my client place, user is asking .

it's urgent



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Here is another procedure..

1. Raise an Import PO with appropriate tax code.

2. Created inbound delivery in VL31N (Bonded goods).

3. Posted MIRO for CVD Clearing for separate Import Trading vendor(if any) as they are responsible for import goods receipts. simulate and check all the postings.

4.Post goods receipt in VL32N. Here 103 mvt occurs and there is no Acconting document.

5. Now release GR Blocked stock based on the Mat document and its 105 Mvt.Type.

6.Post vendor invoice in MIRO.

These steps are used in my business scenario. There may be different scenarios also like advance payment to vendor during raising PO itself since foriegn vendor...

Reward if useful,


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HI Yuvi,

We are also looking to follow inbound delivery Route in Our Import scenario... but i have few queries related to this.

1. Import PO should or should not have the GR Based invoice Verification ?

2. Which Confirmation control Key need to be selected for this? 0003 - Rough GR or 0004 Inbound Delivery

3. In your Step 2, you had created the inbound delivery( not posted) and then posted the MIRO for custom Duties.

Did you enter the Qty and amount in MIRO (Custom) manually, or system proposed based on your Inbound delivery ? If It is based on Inbound Delivery then i would like to know what setting needs to be done to achieve this.


S Anand

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Following steps are followed in import scenario.

1. create purchase order - me21n

2.pass invoice for custom duty- MIRO

3. Receive goods- MIGO and capture custom along with it

4. post custom duty - J1IEX

5 pass of commercial Invoice( ie goods value) - MIRO

In import scenario custom Miro is done before as it is legal requirement. , you cannot move goods before paying custom duty.



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Dear Friend,

Import PO

Enter the deatils Like Document Type -Import Po, Vendor select Import Vendor,

Then In item details Condition tab, you can find various details like Custom duty, CVD, Ed.Cess on CVD & SHedcess on Cvd, E.Cess on Customs & SEdcess on Customs

enter all the values Select each line item & enter the Vendor related to Commisioner of customs.

save the Po

Do MIRO for Customs duties

Now capture excise based on MiRO number


Post Excise Invoice

Now DO MIRO for Goods & Planned delivary costs


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please follow the process :-

1. create import PO with all the duties. But here there are some duties which are supposed to be paid to the customs. so we select the condition type and click on conditiondetail icon and here we enter the Customs vendor number and save the PO.

2. if release of PO is there release

3. then invoice is made with customs vendor by selecting planned delivery costs in the options on the right of the screen

4.Then capture excise invoice J1IEX_C

5. Then do a GR with PO

6. Then post excise invoice J1IEX_P

7. Then again do a envoice with the same PO number but select Goods/Service Items on the right.

This is the procedure to be followed for import cycle in CIN

Thanks & regards,


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Hi Manjunatha S K

Import procurement process -

Create Purchase Order for import vendor for import materials.

Enter all the condition types related to collector of customs (Custom duty, CVD, Ecess, Sp Addition Duty). Go to details of each condition types and change the vendor code. The import vendor is defaulted in each condition, you have to enter the vendor code for collector of customs.

Create a commercial invoice for Bill of Entry. Invoice Verification for CVD & other Custom Duties (Commercial Invoice) - MIRO for planned delivery cost.

Post Goods receipt for the Purchase Order. System will prompt you for Commercial Invoice for availing Modvat Credit. Enter the commercial invoice created for planned delivery cost.

Capture and post excise invoice (if its not in background)

Invoice verification for the Vendor.



Do reward if useful...

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When i am trying to do miro after an import PO..In miro screen, after puting PO none of the items appear on the item line. And what to put in Amount on basic data tab page and the taxes?



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Dear Satyendra,

Select the All information tab on the right hand side of the MIRO item details & you have to enter the amount & Quantity manually only as in the case of import PO's there are chances of exchange rate fluctuations.

Hope this will solve your query.

Thanks & Regards,


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at first in t code me21nn-create po

with imp document typy

assign imp pricing procedure to that vendor(imp vendor)

assign imp tax code in invoice column & only invoice receipt not tick gr based iv

then save po po comp

then MIRO only assign plant delivery cost then save

then MIGO as in standard

then MIRO plant & goods received that is only vendor cost

so now import po is complete.


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go through this link

and see the configuration guide for

J83: Procurement of Imported Materials