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Start date and end date in MRP Wizard

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i want to run MRP wizard on basis of sales orders, but im not able to get that what start date and end date should be taken in MRP wizard?

If im running on the basis of sales order then are those dates to be considered should be posting date, document date or delievry date of sales order?

Please explain me.


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Hi Pari,

The Start Date and End Date is the MRP horizon, means the date you should "buy" or "make" the materials in order to fulfill your sales orders.

Start Date must be on the same day or later than today, simply because it is not possible to plan for past time.

If today is 1st Feb and you would like to process MRP from 1st Feb - 28th Feb, then MRP will result in the list of materials you should buy or make between 1st Feb - 28 Feb.

Which materials fall on what date will depend on the Delivery Date in the sales order.

For example, if the Delivery Date is on 10th Feb, and it takes 2 days to buy or make the item (lead time between purchase order/production order until available in warehouse) then the MRP will recommend to buy or make the item on 8th Feb so the item will be available to be delivered on 10th Feb as expected in the sales order.

Hope it is clear.