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SQL stored procedure for Objecttype: payment engine FORM??

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This is my first time visit here. Hope someone can help me out.


user 1 is only allowed to create a payment proposal via the payment wizard. So can only save the proposal and not Execute!

User 2 (chief) can opens the proposal ( saved payment wizard proposal user 1 created) and clicks on execute.

Basically how do I achieve that user 1 can only create a proposal and can not choose execute.

What I tried and failed

standard SBO authorizations. I blocked user 1 to create outgoing payments. Although I blocked user 1 for this with the payment wizard when user 1 selects EXECUTE the user can create outgoing payments. A bug if you ask me....

SQL stored procedure: SP_notification.... create stored procedure for @object_Type 46 ( this is document type for Outgoing payments) that if user1 Add one an error will appear. This solution is not enough because it does not block anything.


Does anyone has a suggestion in order to solve this issue? or does someone know, what the @Object_type is for the payment wizard form Step 6 of 9 ( where you make te option what you want to do Execute or save).

thanks in advance

Eddy Rademakers

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Eddy hi -

use B1 DB Profiler to understand which DB actions are passing through

SBO_SP_TransactionNotification. It will show you also the object types.

You can download it from SDN under Business One SDK Tools. It is part of

B1TE. You may also want to check B1 DI Event Service to make your

notification code simpler to write and to manage.