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Special G/L Indicator Check According Vendor Type

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Hi Experts,

I'm creating new Special G/L Indicator with customizing.

But I need Special G/L Indicator check Vendor type (Vendor Accouinting Group-

KTOKK) when creating FI document.

For example I want to "X" special g/l ind. use only Z001 vendor

How can i check and control my need?

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Two ways.

1. Use GGB0 and restrict it. Since there is no Vendor Account Group field available, you can follow a workaround.

1.1 Create Sets using GS01 for each Account group separately with the Number range used in it.

1.2 Write the validation on the Vendor and point it to Set (ZVN01)


Pre-requisites: Company code = XXXX and Vendor IN "ZVN01"

Check: Special G/L Indicator = A

Message: Input Special G/L Indicator is incorrect. Please correct it.

2. Go for an user exit / enhancement and achieve it. To do this, talk to your ABAPer.