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hi sd gurus,,

what is the importance of the sortkey in CMR,comny code data......



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Sort Key enables you to sort the data by default when the report is displayed. For example if posting date is defined as sort key, the data will be sorted on posting data. Sort key field is in GL Master data FS00.

assignment field can be filled automatically (by system) or manually when document line item is entered.

if you want "Assignment" field filled automatically by system, you must configure it in "Sort Key". For example, if you set "sort key" = 001-posting date, then "assignment" field will be automatically filled with posting date.


Vendors: 009 Place the reference field from the header (invoice number in the assignment field. Is use full for line item reports)

One time vendors/customers 022 Place the name and the city in the allocation filed

Clearing Account gr/ir (mm) 014 Place the purchasing order and line item number in the allocation field.

027 Value date for electronic bank statements an the posting from the bank



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