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SmartForm configuration

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Hi ,

I am in need of configuring a SmartForm to a standard document like sales order , purchase order ...

any one can help me how to configure the SmartForm to a standard document , in detail.


Karthik Srinivasan

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Answers (2)

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hi ,

Normally in sapscript we configure output type using

form name/entry/print program.

where in smartforms ,r we need to use the form routine 'entry' in output type .

What is 'mode' and 'layoutset' .

can u send me a sample standard print program for smartform for a sales order.explain how it is linked to a smartform.

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Program : <ur pgm name >

Form routine : <anyname available routine in ur pgm>

Form : ur smart form name.

In general all the output pgm pass thru std pgm RSNAST00 at

PERFORM (tnapr-ronam) IN PROGRAM (tnapr-pgnam) USING returncode





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Hi Karthi,

You can configure SmartForms in the Transaction code NACE.

Here select the Application area (V1 -Sales) and click the output types button . Select you output type and click the processing routines in the left side tree. Here you have to assign the Smartform/Layoutset/Print program/Mode etc.

Best Regards,