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SLED/Small Quantities picking from Storage type - Help needed

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Hello SAP WM Gurus,

My client has a new requirement and I am unable to figure out how I can meet that requirement. I hope you guys will help me in this regard.

My client's requirement is that all the relevant storage types under our Warehouse should have the Stock Removal Strategy H - Expiration Date Check.

However, this should be the first criterion for picking. The next criterion should be that the system should first pick the smallest quantities.

For example, I have a material F06995 with batch 0000001982 combination is available in our storage type CNN.
The SLED date of this batch is 31.12.2014,'s date.

There are 4 HUs available for this material/batch combination in CNN storage type. The 4 HUs are as shown below:

255 for a quantity of 20 KGs

252 for a quantity of 50 KGs

253 for a quantity of 60 KGs

254 for a quantity of 70 KGs

My client would create a demand for 90 KGs against any Process/Sales order.

Now, when we create the picking TO, the system should first consider the quantities posted against the material F06995 and batch 0000001982 as it is the oldest one in CNN Storage type. This is based on the Expiration Date Check strategy H.

Then, it should consider the HU 255 as it is having the small quantity of 20 KGs in CNN. The next HU should be 252 and then 253.

So, once the picking TOs are created/confirmed, the remaining HUs in CNN storage type should be:

253 for a quantity of 40 KGs

254 for a quantity of 70 KGs

So, even though the system has picked the oldest batch based on the Expiration Date Strategy H, the HUs having the largest quantities should not be touched first. The picking should happen from the HUs having the smallest quantities.

Can you please guide me how I can meet this requirement and map the configuration in our SAP system? I hope this is would be a bit challenging task for you, but your help in this regard would be very much appreciated. Please provide me your suggestions.

Thanks and Regards,


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with standard SAP removal strategy it is not possible to get the required solution hence you need to write your own logic in user exit MWMTO004.

Logic should be in such a way that system should pick all the QUANT based on the Expiration date from the storage type and then sort the Quant based on the LQUA-VERME and start allocating