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Shipment cost - G/L Account

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Hi !

In "Create shipment cost" (T.code VI01), for Account assignment, G/L account is automatically detemined based on

Chart of account

Transaction (like GBB)

General modification (like VBR)

Valuation class

Where do we link the above four with shipment cost document?

For example, currently I am getting a G/L account for combination : (coCd: XYZ, Transaction: GBB, General mod: VBR, Valuation class: 3200) in shipment cost doc. Suppose, I want it for a different combination (let's say based on : XYZ, FR1, 3042) in my shipment cost document. How this can be achieved in customizing?

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Answers (2)

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In OBYC , you will find transaction FR1 - Freight clearing

Doublle click on it # enter Chart of accounts INT

You will find a single account (say 192100) assigned.

To change, first change the <b>Rule</b> tick the Valuation class indicator and save.

Now system will allow you to maintain G/L accounts per Valuation class.

Now maintain the G/L accounts for Val class as desired by you.

Please consult your MM consultant before proceeding. Also check OMWB and OKB9

Refer the below extract for the Defination of

<b>Shipment Cost Document</b>

The shipent cost document is the central object for shipment cost processing.

In the following menu points you define:

Number ranges for shipment cost documents

Shipment cost types and item categories with the corresponding control elements

Selection variants for lists of shipment cost documents and lists of shipment that serve as worklists for the creation of the shipment cost documents

You also assign shipment cost types to the shipment types and set the indicator for shipment cost relevance.

Hope the above helps

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This can be done in "Configure Automatic Posting" in OBYC

Here you can maintain the G/L accounts against the combination you have mentioned. i.e

Chart of accounts INT

Transaction GBB

General modifier VBR

Val Class 3200

GL Account

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But my question was, where do we specify that G/L account in Shipment Cost Document is given by combination FR1-INT-3200 instead of combination INT-GBB-VBR-3200. By default in my shipment cost doc, conmbination INT-GBB-VBR-3200 is being used. I want G/L account to be detemined by FR1-INT-3200 in shipment cost document....

pls help....