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Shipment cost condition type by number of batches

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Good day everyone

We're on still on ECC and we actually have a lot of condition type part of our shipment cost pricing procedure, like

- Flat

- Per Gross Weight

- Per mile

- Minimum charge

- Base Charge

- Surcharge in % and per mile

We have a new line of business where the product is produced in batch and each batch is bagged an put on a pallet (we do not manage the pallet via HU in the delivery)

The unloading fees charged by the company that stores our inventory is charging us by the number of bags, so basically for us it means by batch count in each delivery (we can have few deliveries in a shipment).

Could anyone give me a hint on how this can be achieved, if possible of course.

I'd like to avoid as much as possible enhancements.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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I finally found my solution

I created a new pricing condition defined as follow:

- Condition Class: "Prices"

- Calculation type: "Fixed amount"

- Freight costing / Calculation base: delivery item.

I simply included this new pricing condition into my existing pricing procedure attached to the cross-docking leg on my shipment route.

At this point, if I enter a condition value of 10$ the procedure will simply calculate 10$ flat per delivery.

When adding the condition type in the pricing procedure I saw the field "BasType / Alternate condition base value" which is basically a way to customize an "Alternative formula for condition base value" (in VOFM).

So I asked my programmer to develop a small routine that count the number of batches on my delivery (LIPS) and multiply my condition value by that number of batches. And voilà! I now have a warehousing cost that is basically defined as a fixed priced but that gets overriden by a custom calculation (10$ flat get overriden by 10$ times the number of batches).

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