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SF -> HCM Replication/ Error: Number of weekly working days > '7'".

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I am facing issue while replicating data from SuccessFactor to HCM (IT7):

Number of weekly working days > '7'.
The Working Days Per week field id not activated in EC and furthermore the Check Tool shows no issues with this field -> 

Go to Admin Center.
In the tools search field, type Check Tool.
In Application, select Employee Central ERP Replication from the dropdown list box.
Expand the Data Quality for an Employee.
Select Working Days Per week should be less than 7 and click Run checks.

Did anybody encounter such a problem and ideally solved it ?
Thank you!

Kind regards,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Maybe it will help somebody in the future: The cause was an internal issue with the naming of the non unique code for the picklist value that was not in alignment with the mapped value in the field in the SAP HCM. The issue was solved by updating the non unique code for the picklist value.

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