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Service Master and Service Purchase Order Creation

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Hi All,

I am little bit confused regarding service procurement.

So what I understood is you can procure services with 2 different doc types (from standard system).

1) Framework PO and then item cat B Limit: no service entry sheet required, you place multiple invoice against the limit of the PO

2) Standard PO with item cat D Service: service entry sheet required

BUT: for the second you can use service master or not, right?

Here my question: 1) why should a company use service master (further reasons than just reduce time and errors?)?

2) what is the advantage of using the service entry sheet?

Thanks 🙂

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Hi There,

We can procure goods by using framework order and post direct invoices or we can also post Journal Voucher entries direct without even creating POs to supplier, but we used material master record so that we can precisely explain what is our requirement after 2-3 years by opening documents!

Same works for Service Master records, by using this master record we can have better tracking and traceability this is the reason we used service master record and service entry sheet, at the time of Service entry sheet creation and acceptance we can manipulate services performed by the supplier in system!