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Service Layer and approval request process

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I have a question related to the use of the service layer and document authorization.

I am using a user to use the service layer session, however, when I try to approve a document it tells me that the user does not have authorization to perform the action.

The questions are:

  • Does the user have to be within the approval request stage to be able to perform any approval or rejection action?
  • Can the user who logs in only approve the documents assigned to them? That is, you can't alter, for example, the comments that other users have written? This is because within the construction of the JSON that is sent to SAP, the "UserID" field can be indicated, however, I have been using it to test changing the comments of other users, and it does not allow it.

I hope you can help me with these questions.

Greetings to all


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Andrey_Leal,

The error is coming from the authorizations assigned to the authorizer (user who is trying to approve) in the General Authorization window.

Kindly check/review the authorizations for the authorizer.

To verify, try to perform the same action manually using SAP Business One client. Does it allow you to do it?

Kind regards,


SAP Business One Support

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