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How can I bill the service item like 'maintenance', plz tell me the complete process.



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The standard SAP process for billing service items can be found in the below link:

<a href="">Billing Process(Customer Service)</a>

<a href="">Resource Related Billing</a>

The material type for service materials is DIEN

The sequence of operations that will lead to a service RRB is as follows:

IW51: create service notification

IW34: create service order wrt notification

IW41: confirm service order

DP90: create RRB order

VF01: create RRB invoice

For the above process, the DIP profile should be properly configured and assigned to service order type.

You can also follow the contracts route to bill the service item:

VA41: create service contracts (WV doc type) with service item and billing plan

VF01: create contract invoice

Hope this helps