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Service Entry Sheet with reference to Shipment Cost Document - Status already 'Accepted'

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Dear All,

We are running a process here for plant to plant stock transfer .

Process goes like :

1- STO (PO) is created by the recieving depot (Plant)

2- Delivery Document is created with reference to that PO using tcode VL10B

3- Shipment document is created for that delivery in VT01N

4- We create Shipment cost document by VI01.

On creation of shipment cost document, Service PO and Service Entry Sheets are automatically generated with the release status "accepted".

We do not want it to be "accepted "automatically, we want an authorized person to accept each SES manually, or collectively.

I know there is release strategy for Service Entry Sheet in MM but I am unable to do so for 'Service Entry Sheets created with reference to Shipment Cost document'.

Do you have any idea how to do so ?


Faraz H. Qazi

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Please check my below document and see the scenario number 2. We can determine freight service PO automatically based on the settings I have explained in the document. Please make sure that you have made settings to stop automatic PO creation in item category settings.

With this we can have release strategy activated for freight service PO. For service entry sheet I am not sure and may be some MM guy can comment on this.


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Thank you Moazzam, your document is really very helpful.

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