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Service Contract Settlement to COPA.

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Dear Friends,

We have Service contracts created in SD and Service orders against this service contracts when ever customer request maintenance.

The cost of sales / Revenues on the service order is settled to SDI.

The Service contract, which also has a revenue stream is also settled to COPA using VA88 after the service order settlement is done on the SDi using KO88/KO8G.

The issue is, revene amount in the service contract cost report,is showing different amount and the revenue amount on the Value field in COPA is different for the total of the revenue streams (1. contract revenue & 2 revenue from the service order).

What is the reason for the different amounts shown in the cost report of the contract and the amount posted to the value field in COPA.

Please provide your inputs or reasons for this behavior by the system.



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Hi iKhan,

can you clarify, which amounts do reconcile with COPA and which amounts are missing in COPA?

So.e.g. do you see the billed revenue from the contract reconcile with the service contract cost report? And does this amount reconcile with a value field in COPA (assuming you have cost-based COPA).



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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This has been resolved after both revenues where mapped to different value fields on the PATS.

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