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Service Call: Saving a document into the Expenses Tab

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I have a client who needs to save 1 Sales Order to Multiple Service Call Expenses.

I have looked over the ORDR table to see if I can create the link there, but did not  see the link there.

I found the link on the OSCL and SCL4 tables, but these are only populated if you enter the document through the Service Call Expenses tab.

Is there a way to update this link after the Sales Order is created?

Can I link 1 Sales Order to multiple Service Call Expenses?

I have found that this is not possible without customization, am I correct?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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perhaps you can do an SDK development in this way:

1. select the document marketing.

2. after this you can select the service call to assign.

3. select the service calls and when you clic OK button, save the data.

Check the SBO objects you need.

Kind regards

Agustín Marcos Cividanes

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