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serial numbers

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Dear All

What is serial number profile in SD, would provide me the configuration process with screen shots

and wre do maintain the serial number number ranges,


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Dear suresh n,

T-code for this is OIS2

Profile 0002 for SD. This profile you need to maintain in Material Master, Sales:General/plant tab page you have Serial no. profile field.

Serial no. u can assgin in order level or Delivery level also. Normally Delivery level. In delivery select your line item and go to 'Extras' click on serial no. here you can serial no. for material.

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Hi Suresh,

Serial number management allows you to distinguish between individual items of a material that are managed with a single material number.


Company X produces three different types of solar collectors:

Type A

Type B

Type C

There is a material master record for each type in the system. For control purposes, the company wants to know which customer received which collector type, and which serial number(s) of the collector type were supplied to the customer, when the individual solar collectors were delivered.

It is therefore necessary to assign a serial number to the customer delivery in addition to the material number.

A serial number master record is created with the assignment of the serial number. You can maintain data fields specific to the serial number in the master record.

At a later date, it may be necessary to enter equipment master records for materials that have already been serialized and delivered to customers, for example, if the producer of the solar collectors also has to perform maintenance activities for the customers and therefore wants to use all the functions available in the equipment master record for a serialized material.

In order to keep this option open at any time, you must define a number range for serial numbers. The numbers assigned from this number range are not the serial numbers but reserved keys that stand for the combination of material number and serial number and the equipment number that may possibly be assigned.

You can also define one or more serial number profiles.

The serial number profile defines how and under which conditions a serial number is assigned for a material.


A material can only be assigned serial numbers after the required serial number profile has been entered in the material master for a specific plant.


You use serial numbers to keep track of serviceable materials during repairs processing.


To be able to maintain serial numbers for a serviceable material in a repair order, you must define a serial number profile in the material master record for the serviceable material. You can use dummy material master records for serviceable materials that do not have a material master record in your system (for example, products from another manufacturer).

If you want the system to check that serial numbers have been maintained for the serviceable materials when you save the repair order, you must include the serial number field (VBAP-ANZSN) in the incompletion procedure for the relevant item category.


When you receive the serviceable materials from the customer, you record the serial numbers in the returns delivery item. They are later copied into the repair item.

After performing the technical check, the technician reports his findings for each serial number back to the repair order. This means that the correct serial numbers are assigned to the actions that are created as a result of the technical check.

When the technician completes a service order for a repair item, he also reports back the serial numbers of the items he has repaired.

Menupath is SPRO -> Sales and Distribution>Basic functions--> Serial Numbers.

I hopes it will help you,



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in SNRO tcode we will maintain number ranges and the object for SD number range is "RV_BELEG". in that we will mintain sd number ranges,

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