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Serial Number & Manufacturer in MIGO_GR

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The customer is maintaining a serial numbers profile in the material master and is also maintaining equipment profile for the same material code in isu. The customer required to enter the serial numbers and the manufacturer at the time of preparing the goods receipt through MIGO_GR against the purchase order. The material is received by the customer in thousands against a particular order, the migo_gr screen allows only entry of six serial numbers at a time, making the process very cumbersome.

Hence we have developed a BAPI (BAPI_GOODSMVT_CREATE) for uploading the serial numbers through excel file into the goods receipt and the goods receipt document gets created.

In the normal goods receipt process after entering all the serial numbers and we check and then click on the post icon to post the gr document a pop up windows asks for the following entries :

1. Manufacturer, 2. Construct Year, 3. Vaild from date, 4. Inspection releavance of the device which flows from the isu, and after entering these details the material document gets posted and equipment nos. and other details are generated in isu for the material for which gr is created.

We want to upload the above four fields through the BAPI of the serial numbers and post the material document.

Can anyone suggest a BAPI or user exit or badi for the same. The customer wants to enter the serial numbers and manufactuer at the time of making the goods receipt only and before posting of the material document.

Thanks in advance.


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I had similar requirement to enter some Equipment data during MIGO posting. I hope, I understood your requirement.

There two exits to use (SAP calls them in the following order:

1) IQSM0007 -> EXIT_SAPLIE01_007

2) IQSM0005 -> EXIT_SAPLIE01_005

I suggest you follow the procedure:

1. create a project in CMOD TCODE and add above enhacements

2. create all necessary includes for exits (in SE38 e.g.)

3. IN include ZXQSMTOP define the structure to catch the data you need. It will be the global data for you exits.

4. in include for exit EXIT_SAPLIE01_007 [ZXQSMU06] you have to pass all necessary data to the structure from point 3.

5. in include for exit EXIT_SAPLIE01_005 [ZXQSMU05] you have to assign your data to respective fields in structures:


You have to check in which structure the fields for your data are - I hope all of them are available.

Additionally you have to enter 'X' flag in the respective fields in structures:




6. that is all - for me works fine.

Hope it helps.