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Serial No problem

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Dear All,

When i am trying to select serial No. i am getting message as No object were selected.

Also i created i serial No. by IQ01 & will tyr to assign the same then i m getting error as Stock data of serial No. ...........not suitable for mavement.

Plz suggest some solution.

Actually i have to transfer this from blocked to unrestricted & sl. no profile is active ..we doesnot want to deactivate the same.


Sandeep Sharma

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Answers (1)

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A serial number profile with the procedure MMSL must be entered in the material master record.

If a stock check is to be performed, the indicator of the same name must be set in the serial number profile.

In order that the individual stocks are recorded correctly, you must define the indicator as follows:

The serial number usage for the procedure MMSL must be 03, meaning that the assignment of serial numbers is obligatory for goods movements.

The stock check must be 2, meaning that if the stock data is inconsistent, the system does not perform the posting and issues a corresponding error message.

In Customizing for inventory management you can sort the different types of goods movements into groups using movement type groups. By assigning movement type groups to a serialization procedure you define for the assigned movements whether:

Serial number requirement exists for the materials assigned to the profile

A serial number including an equipment master record is created in inventory management for a goods movement