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Send forecast to another system

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We are on APO 5.0 and want to send our forecast from a planning book to a partner.

Has anybody ever done this via XML?

Note that we are not planning to use ICH. But we have XI setup.



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Hi Gerald,

I can not advise you on XI specifics but here are some things that i think might help you. (I am thinking out load here so some things might not be optimal. I am also not sure if you want the your partner to be able to access the planning book data in real time or you will just want them to see a snap shot of the data)

1) You can read planning book values using BAPI/function module BAPI_PBSRVAPS_GETDETAIL or bapi_pbsrvaps_getdetail2.

2) You can create an ABAP Web Service. You can expose that webservice (SOAP based, XML) to your partner. Inside the webservice, you can use BAPI_PBSRVAPS_GETDETAIL/ bapi_pbsrvaps_getdetail2 to read data from the Planning Book.

3) The BAPIs i have mentioned can be called from external system (they are remote enabled). For example, you can use the SAP JCo (Java Connector) to read data from the BAPI. Using the BAPIs + SAP JCo you can read planning book data in a Java Program.

4) You can "connect" the Planning Area to an Infocube, construct a query and expose that query to your Enterprise Portal.

5) You can "connect" the Planning Area to an Infocube. Use an InfoSpoke to construct a flat file and send that file (via FTP or some other ways) to your partner.

6) how about creating a query and web template and have that accessible to your partner.

Just thinking out load and trying to help I hope some of the points will help you.