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Secondary cost elements

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Dear All, We  have requirement from clients , client is asking for secondary cost element should be enter while posting the transaction . we already try to convenience secondary cost element cannot be used while posting the transaction as secondary cost element is related Controlling only the primary cost element can be used but still client is not listening is that feasible to put the secondary cost element while doing transaction  please advice Regards Hidyath

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Hello Hidyath,

Like you also know, secondary cost element can only be directly posted to CO.

Anyway, I believe you have NewGL active in your system, therefore

the easiest way to have the postings work as they are, but also

post to FI is to activate the update in the FICO Real time integration

now that you have NewGL this is easier than without:

You can maintain the following that will take effect on future postings,

if you change the setting to 'all CO LIs' then you will update FI

for the internal allocations. If you only want changes made because

of a company code then you would select the company code in a variant.

More information can be found in IMG under the documentation.

Financial Accounting

  Financial Accounting (New)

    Financial Accounting Global Settings (New)


        Real-Time Integration of Controlling with Financial Accounting

Hope it is useful.

Best regards,


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Certainly not

why is your client interested in posting to sec CE? Why do they have to dictate the solution to you

Ajay M