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Second incoming payment (residual items) is not possible when FM POSTING_INTERFACE_CLEARING is used

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Hi, I am doing an incoming payment through FM POSTING_INTERFACE_CLEARING. The payment is a partial payment (residual items).

Then, I try to make other partial payment (partial payment or residual items) through FB05 or the FM, and the open item is grey when I try to choose the open item. Only is available for the "standard payment" (total payment), so it is not possible post other partial payment (partial or residual).

I also tried it manually, first incoming payment by FB05, and continue with the second one and I do not have this problem. The problem is only when the first incoming payment is done by the FM. I compared the fields of each incoming payment (manually and FM) and I saw that the field REBZT is loaded different. If the payment is done by FB05 (manually) is loaded = V , and if it is by the FM = Z.

Any idea?

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