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Search string is picked up wrongly

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Hi all, 
We have configured EBS with search string, we are getting below error for this line item:
Here S01 is defined as search string, when posting is made with S01 everything okay, our logic is working totally fine.
But our bank also giving IBAN details at the same line, which prevents posting with search string. How should we solve this error, there is no possibility to remove IBAN.

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Answers (1)

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Hi ficoaz,

What is the error message you're getting when you upload/post bank statement ? Can you attach a screenshot / provide the error message ?

From what I can see, this is an unstructured MT940 bank statement. IBAN number in tag :86: should not be interpreted / should not cause any issues. It belongs to note to payee. Please check if you can find it in the table FEBRE to make sure that it is indeed part note to payee. Note to payee in this case, is essentially a text that should not cause specific errors.