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/SDF/HDB_SIZING - SAPS to CPU translation

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Afternoon all

I'm amending this slightly - perhaps it will get a response

In preparation for a brownfield migration to S/4Hana On Premise we're doing a sizing. We have run /SDF/HDB_SIZING and I've worked through note 1872170. What I'm uncertain of is, can the SAPS in the report be used to guide application server sizing . My original thinking was that it was guiding me on the Hana server sizing but I've found not information on the application server sizing.

My follow on question is about translating SAPs to CPU requirements. With hyperscaler this is less a problem as the suggested hardware , e.g AWS r5x12.large, suggests the cores and the memory. But with On Premise this is not so easy. I need to ask our internal infrastructure team for a costing but don't know how many cores to request.

I've read numerous blogs / pages / notes but could not find confirmation. Perhaps the answer is so obvious I've missed it, nevertheless is someone could confirm I would appreciate it.



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