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Screenshot the entire output screen,

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i have a requirement where there is a selection screen in which there are number of input fields , which when i enter the input values , on the same screen i get the output as alv in a container .

i need to capture the entire screen , from selection screen to the output alv ., now whats happening is i tried using


but that gives me screenshot of the active screen only that cuts the alv output in half which is not acceptable to the user.

HELP please. if the entire output screen as well as the selection screen is not possible ., can i know how to achieve this requirement alternatively .

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1) Could you show the difference please? (GET_SCREENSHOT versus what you expect)

2) Did you search the SAP notes?

Hello Sandra ,

Suppose for eg. in Report output we are getting 100 records , and on the screen i am able to see only 50 records , but for the rest i have to scroll down .

And if we consider the above scenario GET_SCREENSHOT method will give the screenshot of only 50 records which are shown in the active screen, but according to our requirement we want the screenshot of all the 100 records i.e the whole output screen not just the active screen which is visible.

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Okay, I see. So, it's not really a screenshot.

The only solution is to do a custom development specific to the concerned screen which outputs the data to a file (like export ALV data + export selection screen data). Doing only screenshots makes it hard to work with the data.

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Hi Rohan,

You can do the following:

  1. Accept input parameters.
  2. Process and display ALV on same screen.
  3. Take screenshot with the method you mentioned.
  4. Use method set_scroll_info_via_id from cl_gui_alv_grid and scroll to specific row.
  5. Take screenshot again.
  6. Repeat steps 4th & 5th until you reach the end of ALV.

Let us know if it works for you.