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Screen Resolution problem in BDC

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I am writing a BDC for credit memo creation using FB65 transaction in 4.6b version.

I am facing BDC problems because of screen resolution. Is there a way to determine the number of lines items that may show up in the table control based on the resolution.

There is no position button available in 4.6b . also page down is not working.

Could anyone suggest an alternative?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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hi rakesh,

when doing the recording for the fb6f in shdb or the code did u explicitly try to handle the page down option using page down button .

if on a page down button from the keyboard is able to generate the code as 'P+' then it can be worked out .

see down the table control in the screen there is a button as add items .. did u chck that option .

my version is 4.6c so i suppose this is the button and the code u r looking for.

just do a recording with add items .

Answers (8)

Answers (8)

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long ago i found this example in a forum:

"CTU_PARMS will force the BDC to use the standard default screen size (rather than being dynamic based on the user's settings. I think I explained that right, but all I know is that it keeps the BDC from behaving differently between users and makes things more consistent for coding logic".

Here's an example (note that DEFSIZE is the key to the solution here):

data: begin of tran_opts,

dismode type ctu_params-dismode value 'N',

updmode type ctu_params-updmode value 'S',

cattmode type ctu_params-cattmode,

<b>defsize type ctu_params-defsize value 'X'</b>,

racommit type ctu_params-racommit,

nobinpt type ctu_params-nobinpt,

nobiend type ctu_params-nobiend,

end of tran_opts.

call transaction 'F-02'

using bdcdata

options from tran_opts

messages into bdc_messages

Hope it helps,

Best regards

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Hi amit /jaya ,

like the client will not opt for this option of using resolution per pixel size in the screen.

hi amit.

now suppose say that i m using a 600/400 for recording this gives me 5 lines in the table control

and one user is using 800/600(10 lines in tc) and 800/1024 (17 lines) resolution .the client will not accept this at all.if the user changes the shift then he has another settings then its a production issue.

so the code has to be modified with the item level irrelavant of the items.

now what if u say i hav 500 items ..

hi jaya.

sap dosent giv a std pixel settings which supports the issue.

if u look at transactions IA11 and VA02 recordings then u 'll hav a clear picture at the item level.

the items recordings play a major role in this regard .

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Hi Rakesh,

Can you do a recording of the transaction in SHDB and while doing that put the session on which you are doing the recording into default size. This will be size used by SAP irrespective of the screen resolution. So in the table control you'll come to know how many lines are there in the default size and all. Now using that code generated, you can add up your logic and get it working...



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Hi rakesh,

1. If nothing works, then we have to

some ifs & buts.

2. There shall be normally

2-4 different kinds of resolution

on various users comptuers.

3. Based on this,

we have to know beforehand,

what will be the number of rows

in the table control.

4. The user can be given

a selection/paraemter

for resolution

eg. 800x600




5. Based on this, we will hardcode

in the program (based upon our knowledge/recording

which we have seen and done)

we will hardcode

the number of lines

in the VARIBLE.

6. Then we can simply use this variable

for our LOOP and logic purpose.

7. It will be the responsibiltiy of the

use to CHOOSE THE CORRECT resolution,

on the selection-screen.


amit m.

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please chek the below link.



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rakesh ,

just let me know if u r able to do the recording for the FB65 using the add items .

this will giv a clear picture once u see the code generated after recording.

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You can manage the risolution in BDC, you should try to use the comand for PAGE UP.

Anyway you're using an enjoy trx, and it couldn't support the BDC. <You should use a BAPI instead of it: try BAPI_ACCOUNT_DOCUMENT_POST.


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check this..option <b>CTU_PARAMS</b> along with call transaction...

that may be helpful...



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You can use FM 'SD_SALESDOCUMENT_CREATE' for generating credit memo.

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I have also used

ctu_params but is of no use.


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Use the below syntax...




Allows you to control processing using the values of the componetns of the structure opt, which must have the ABAP Dictionary type CTU_PARAMS. The components have the following meanings:


Display mode (like the MODE addition)


Update mode (like the UPDATE addition)


CATT mode (controls a CATT)

CATT mode can have the following values:

' ' No CATT active

'N' CATT without single-screen control

'A' CATT with single-screen control


Use default window size


Do not end transaction at COMMIT WORK


No batch input mode (that is, SY-BINPT = SPACE)


No batch input mode after the end of BDC data.

The components DEFSIZE , RACOMMIT, NOBINPT, and NOBIEND always take the following values:

'X' Yes

' ' No

If you do not use the OPTIONS FROM addition, the following control parameter settings apply:


From addition MODE


From addition UPDATE


No CATT active


Do not use default window size


Successful end on COMMIT WORK


Batch input mode active ( SY-BINPT = X


Batch input mode remains active after the BDC data