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schema rule help

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I need help in schema rule.

The requirement is such that if the gross salary is zero or less than than Wage type "A", then wage type "A" will not be deducted.

 /A Wage Type A
   ADDWT *    OT   Output table   
   ZERO= NR   AmtNumRteTime = 0   
   ELIMI *    Elim.time period ID 
   AMT=* /102 Set                 
 " AMT?0      Comparison          
   " <                            
       AMT*0      Multiplication 

Appreciate fast reply. Thank you.

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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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I guess you need to modify the rule a bit.

After the final functiona in your schema put the following rule:




>GCY ZZZZ(another rule)


do the following :

WGTYP?ZZZZ(This time this stands for the particular Wage Type)





*DO nothing if the gross is negative.

Let me know if this helps?

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Hmm actually its related to schema RADF.

customer is on 4.6C and problem when fund type is maintained as wage independent and ee goes on no pay leave for the entire month.

Payroll still reflect it as a deduction, as the standard program does not cater for wage independent fund types.

Need some advice on how to customize the schema and rules.

Thank you in advance.

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