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scenario for Flour Mill

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Hi Friends,

could you tell which scenario can be used for Flour Mill production plant

will it be process industry or REM or discrete industry and kindly explain why?

if any one have done implementation in Flour mill plant Pls guide me in the process,



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Answers (2)

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It is not recommended to use PP-PI for this requirement.

You can use Either Discrete or Repeatitive Mfg for your purpose. Which one to be used depends on the Business requirement.

Please read the below to understand the difference between the Discrete and Repetitive Mfg :

typical characteristic of discrete manufacturing is the frequent switching from one manufactured product to another. The products are typically manufactured in individually defined lots, the sequence of work centers through production varying for each one of these. Costs are calculated on the basis of orders and individual lots.

- In Repetitive Manufacturing, products remain unchanged over a longer period and are not manufactured in individually defined lots. Instead, a total quantity is produced over a certain period at a certain rate.

- Discrete manufacturing typically involves varying the sequence of work centers through which the products can pass during production. The order of work centers is determined in routings, which can often be very complex. There can be waiting times between the individual work centers. Also, semi-finished products are frequently placed in interim storage prior to further processing.

- Repetitive Manufacturing, on the other hand, normally involves a relatively constant flow on production lines. Semi-finished products are usually processed further immediately without being put in interim storage. Routings tend to be relatively simple.

- In discrete manufacturing, component materials are staged with specific reference to the individual production lots. Completion confirmations for the various steps and processes document the work progress and enable fine-tune controlling.

- In Repetitive Manufacturing, components are often staged at the production line without reference to a particular order. Completion confirmations are less detailed, and the recording of actual data is simplified

Hope this will help you.


radhak mk

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Hi Arun,

It depends on the busiess process, I think Flour mill can not be PPPI. Flour mill can be either REM or Discrete. If You are producing same Flour(product) using grains/seeds over a longer period ... better u go for REM. If you are producing different flours using different/same Grains...(switcing to different products on same production line) Better u go for Discrete.

Just watch out other suggestions from our PP experts.

Thanks & Regards,