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SBO and Citrix

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Does anyone have experience or knowledge about running SBO through a Citrix client as an ASP solution?

One of our partners is i the process of setting up such an enviroment, but has run into problems when installing the add-ons. It seems that add-ons like the Payment Engine requires the C: drive for installation, and this does not work well with Citrix.

Is this true, or does the add-on installation procedures look for the SBO installation folder without finding it when the environment is Citrix? If the add-ons installation procedures look for the SBO installation folder, how is it done - by looking in the Registry? And through Citrix, does each client have its own Registry?

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Hi Trond,

SAP Business One has not been tested and released for use with Citrix.

If this is needed, I think, you should create a note on the Service Marketplace (SMP) about that.

Just FYI:

Yes, the AddOn installation looks for the SBO installation folder in the registry.

And, if the folder is not found, the installation will be aborted.



PS: Please use a prefix for the topic of your posts like "UI: " or "DI: " or "SBO: " or sth. like that as long as the forum has not been split. Thank you!

Just to mention: I have NO information whether there is sth. planned or not; I just read the reply of James Kofalt to this question some weeks before.