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SAP WM & TRM : Operational Cost Tracking & TO performance for Warehouse

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Dear All,

As per the client requirement there are few queries and I am unable to find those in WM module. 

1. They need to track the operational cost of warehouse activity like cost of put away, cost of internal warehouse movement etc.

2. There is an option to enter standard execution time of any Transfer order and user enters the actual data while confirming the transfer order. But there is no any performance data or comparison list between standard and actual execution time.

3.  Any Config document on LE - TRM (Task and resource management). I have searched the building blocks, its not available there.

Could anyone help me on these.

Thanks in Advance.


Ashish Andani

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There is no standard SAP report available to track the Cost of warehouse activity as we don't have provision to maintain or define cost per activity.

Similarly i have never came across a SAP standard report. In one of my implementation we built a custom transaction which shows report related to plan vs actual execution time of Transfer order (There is a node Rough workload estimate in Planning and monitoring Node but i never used that in any of my past implemenation)

Not sure about any building block but SAP library is much useful to give a broad understanding about the process

Task and Resource Management (LE-TRM) - SAP Library