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SAP Udo form problem -When adding journalentry

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In our project , we need to create a journalentry while saving the Udo form.

We use sql for database and sap version is 10.00.191.

For this, we initiate a transaction for journal entry in Form_DataAddBefore and commit the transaction if Form_DataAddAfter is actionsuccess.

The program freezes after following the steps below.

1- Save the Udo form. (This step is ok. Udo record and journal entry are created properly)

2- Close SAP.

3- Open SAP and start the addon again.

4- Udo form freezes when we try to save.

Can you help with this?

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Need more details on this one... we would like to help if you provide some details on the coding. share us the Method.... I'll try to figure it out

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi gulay_79

You need to use put your code for adding UDO data and Journal Entry in one single transaction and once the data for both the documents are added, you need to end the transaction. You cannot keep transaction opened because it has the high isolation level in the database.

Kind Regards
Nidhi Singh
SAP Business One Support

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i am sharing the code sample.Thank you for your help.