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SAP technical upgrade from 4.7 to ECC 6.0

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Dear All,

Any one please elaborate the below, which I had found in one of thread.

"technical upgrade the affected areas will be standard SAP objects, screens, menus, programs, transaction codes. "

We are in the initial phase of our technical upgrade from 4.7 to ECC 6.0. The issue here is we are not engaging any outside parties to test & fix the technical upgrade issues. Our hosting partner will do the OS & SAP upgrade only.

Rest of the testing and problem fixing will be done by us.

It will be great help, if some one lists the common issues faced in the technical upgrade to ECC 6.0.

What are all the common problems faced in SAP objects, screens, menus, programs, transaction codes

Please reply,

Thanks in advance,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi ,

Download the relevant upgrade guide form market place and you will get a clear idea. dowload the one specific to your OS and DB.



Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Hi Rakesh & Iqbal

Thanks for your reply. It is very usefull and informative.



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Dear Raj,

When it is a technical upgrade from a lower version to ECC6.0, many objects like includes, Function modules, reports, OSS notes, DDIC objects, BDC/Print programs, SAP scripts, screens will get affected due to the upgradation. So we need to check with all these objects.

• We will encounter short dumps while executing certain programs. This may be due to the usage of obsolete function modules or Unicode errors.

• The BDCs in the upgraded version will become defective as many of its screen field names will be changed during version change.

• Program texts of many programs will be lost. They have to be restored.

• In case of tables, enhancement category has to be provided.

• There is a possibility of losing the variants during upgradation. So care should be taken to retain them before upgradation.

• ECC6.0 is case sensitive, so many of the interface programs will fail to transfer (FTP) files between systems. These objects have to be changed so that the commands passed to the external system be UPPERCASE.

So a developer should be aware of the following:

•Unicode programming is followed in ECC6.0. So we need to be aware of it to rectify certain Unicode errors which are likely to occur.

•You have to run the transactions SPAU & SPDD to check for list of standard & custom objects that needs modification in the upgraded version.

Check the below link to find more details on usage of SPAU & SPDD transactions

•Should be aware of the objects that have become obsolete in ECC6.0. They have to be replaced by appropriate ones.For eg.:

--> The WS_* function modules have been replaced by GUI_* FMs in ECC6.0 as WS_* FMs have become obsolete from 4.7

-->Tables like TVARV & TTREX have been replaced by TVARVC & TTREXN respectively in ECC6.0.

•In case of tables, we need to specify the Enhancement category.

•Due to upgradation, we will lose out some variants. So we should take a back-up before proceeding with the upgradation.

•In case of BDC programs, some field names will be changed. So they have to be named appropriately.

Please check with the below links for more details:

SAP Upgrade guide:

From ABAP's perspective, the following link helps you:

For technical upgrade inputs:

Hope this helps you.

Reward if useful.



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Hi Rakesh,

I want to upgrade my HR system from 4.7 to 6.0. Can you please send me the technical documents related to this.

Please send the documents to this mail id.

It would be very helpful to me.

Thanks & Regards,