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SAP SD using archivelink object type VBAK instead of BUS2023

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Good morning everybody,

On our system, when we create a new sales order with VA01, the system creates a proper BUS2032.CREATED event, and in OAC3, the linking is set to BUS2032-<doctype>, and using the GOS window, I can actually store archivelink documents there with absolutely no problem. However, my message type printing a smart form will not store the document if I use the BUS2032-<doctype> link.

However, the moment I create the link VBAK-<doctype> in OAC3, the outgoing message gets stored on the content repository, and in SWEL, I see a VBAK.ASSIGNED event.

Is there a place where this behaviour can be changed so I get a BUS2032.ASSIGNED event and SAP then properly creates an entry in the link table using the business object BUS2032?

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