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seniors Can anyone tell me how to learn S4 HANA with free cost can anyone guide me pls.

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I would also recommend making use of the task tutorials, here is a link to version 1909: SAP S/4HANA 1909 Tutorials. It is useful for people who are just starting out, especially if they have no access to a S/4HANA system.

And, of course, the official SAP Help ( - lots of good information once you figure out how to search for it.

If you currently work for a customer or a partner, you also have a few more resources at your disposal:

1. Reading SAP notes (some of the consulting notes are really useful, but you need S-user access).

2. Enterprise Support Academy. If memory serves, you do not pay to attend these trainings, but SAP validate that you work for a SAP partner.

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You can find a bunch of free training courses on openSAP

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One other item... SAP puts out a S4 Hana instance free for two weeks. I know it works with an "S" user.

Google Free S4 Hana Trial.

It provides an S4 instance, current or close to the current Cloud S4 release, and includes Guided Tours.

I don't think you can do everything there... for example, I expect some config items to be restricted.

But... you can see a fully functional S4 from a user view - tiles/help/guided tours, etc.

and I second the answer above about OpenSAP - there's a current course there that's great about S4 - some details on each major application area and other information. Good place to start - OpenSAP.