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SAP questions

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1)     1) Can we do directly the backflush from the WM managed locations in sap? If so, what are the things needed like the config etc

2)     2) Can we have 2 pick slips generated for the WIP and FERT goods in one outbound delivery for the STO process and to the customer ?

3)   3)   What are the steps involved for generating the pick slips for both WIP and fert goods in the outbound delivery?

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Hi Kapil,

with regard to query 1 based on my knowledge you can backflush the material from WM managed location , you need to define the control cycle for that and make sure the stock is available in the bin at the time of production order confirmation so that stock will get reduced

with regard to second query not sure whether you are using the custom or standard form to generate the pickslip also i am sure the two form won't be identical as one you are planning to generate for STO and other for Customer so with that in my mind i assume that you are using the custom form and that is so then and if there are two custom smartform you can control the printing / trigger the generation based on the condition record for the output type

Let me know if you need any further input on this