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SAP Query export to Excel is very slow - SQ01

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We are using the sap query SQ01 in our HCM ERP 4.70 system. After users execute the report the data is displayed on the screen as selected. But if we want to download the data to excel it takes the same time as it need for selecting the dated before.

Is looks like that the download to Excel start again the authorization check of the user. Is there a solution which we can use.

Thanks for your help

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Answers (2)

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Hello Tammy,

If we use it inside the company network is still slow. We analyzed the trace during the download and it seams that the authorization check is running again.

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Hello Robert - it might be the LAN/WAN connection

If I VPN outside of the office, exports to Excel take a long time

Inside the office, it exporting is not an issue

Could this be the case?