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SAP PP Forecast Monthly Split

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Hello SAP gurus,

We have a case where the customer will decide the forecast for 3000 Qty, But they can produce only 1000 qty per month.

Now, in SAP System we need a scenario where the user will give PIR for 3000 qty and after MRP run is done the system should Split the 3000 qty into 1000 qty for the coming months.

Please help us out with this requirement,

Thank You,

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Answers (1)

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Hello tks.varun

I'm afraid your planning process is wrong, you are mixing sales plan (forecast) with demand plan (PIR or planned independent requirements) and missing capacity leveling step.

MRP works with infinite capacity approach. Thus it won't plan according to limited production capacity.

3000 qty / month is your sales plan or forecast. It is not your demand plan or PIR. You need to translate the sales plan into demand plan in the process of sales & operations planning or SOP for short - SAP Help Sales & Operations Planning (LO-LIS-PLN) Here you use resource leveling or rough-cut capacity planning (SAP Help Executing Resource Leveling) to build a feasible production plan - in your case if 3000 qty / month of sales plan can not be produced due to capacity constraints, you split it into 1000 qty / month. The result of SOP is a demand plan or PIRs, in your case PIRs for 1000 qty / month.

Best regards

Dominik Tylczynski