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SAP PM Order: Extending UDF key fields

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Good morning/afternoon All,

Questions regarding extending UDF key fields beyond current limit.


Customer uses UDF key fields on PM work order operations (and general task lists) to record if maintenance operation is Safety Critical and/or Safety Significant.

This is achieved by using the 2 checkbox fields SWRT10 and SWRT11 available in configuration transaction OILJ for a configured field key (SLWID, table V_TCN00).

The customer is an organisation subject to regulation and legislative direction, as such they are now required to record additional safety/operational data at the operation level.

Unfortunately, there are no further checkbox or text fields available for the user defined key currently assigned to their operations.


The requirement therefore is to provide additional fields at an operation level on maintenance work orders and task lists to record all 5 safety and operation level content using checkboxes.


  1. Regarding transaction OILJ and table V_TCN00. Anyone faced a similar customer requirement? If so how were the requirements met?
  2. Is there available an enhancement spot, exit, BADI or other available that can be used for OILJ?

Customer Considered Solutions

The following solutions are being considered by the customer:

  • Explicit enhancement, add additional check box field options to table V_TCN00. Extend the available fields to all order operation and task list operation screen areas, including IW* list edit transaction ALV screens.

The following solutions have so far been considered and discarded as not being suitable by the business:

  1. Use of standard texts on operations containing safety/operation indicators.
  2. Multiple UDF keys, manually selected by users (limit is still 2 checkboxes).
  3. Replication of operation data or sub set of data on order header enhancement tab.
  4. Creation of new class type and classification of order operations using characteristics.
  5. Future use of SAP HANA library UIs for work order processing. Customer is progressing with a HANA upgrade over the next 12-24 months, the upgrade is technical only at this time and once complete backend users will continue to use GUI transactions. No roadmap is yet planned to transform to app/UI based work order processing.



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