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SAP Plant Connector Landscape

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Dear All

Needs an expert guidance over following scenarios.

We have multiple manufacturing machines and each machine is having PLCs and HMI. Few machines are connected directly with Windows 10 Desktop systems. We have to install multiple PCo for each Desktop system (connected with machine directly) , to read machines data or there can be only one PCo installation i.e. MII can communicate with only one Plant Connector (PCo) or separate plant connector will be installed for each machine.

Can PCo directly read data from Manufacturing Machines by connecting PLCs output cable to a Window based system's Port or intermediate vendor specific machine APIs will be required to connect machines with PCo

Can PCo also work as a SCADA and when PCo will be acting as server and in which scenario it will act as a client.

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Template itself is not self explanatory as itself is as i have made through that help document and skipped criteria of developing my requirement

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If you can share just for an idea, it would be helpful.

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Dear Adnan

u need to verify the plc system output communication Protocol

Modbus , OPC UA , or any historian having sql , my sql ( but tag query in PCo cannot be called directly from query for that we need third party software which will convert sql query to opc ua then PCo will be able to catch tag queries from opc ua )

there is numerous design for PCo depending upon your network design

ill suggest keep pco servers as per communication


Modbus must have independent system which can cater all data in the vicinity for capturing modbus data but modbus need high bandwidth not hardware u can go through PCo sizing guide present in help

For opc UA u can have one system independent but hardware requirement must match told in PCo sizing guide

and it can call all OPC UA from the vicinity

for the system having queries that can be directly connected to SAP MII

Few Machines give all API'S , web services that can be used as well

PCo agents support the following standardized software interfaces:

  • OPC Data Access ( PCo only call the triggering value from this)

  • OPC Historical Data Access

  • OPC Alarms & Events

  • OPC Unified Architecture ( Tag Query and Tags can be called )

  • OLE DB

  • Open Database Connectivity (ODBC)

  • Modbus ( Machines communication out put or peripheral devices output )

  • MQTT

  • GE Fanuc Proficy Historian ( GE fanus Historian System )

  • OSIsoft PI ( historian pi server )

  • Asset Framework

  • Socket ( barcode reader etc )

  • IP21

  • Citect

  • File Monitor Agent ( file transfering like csv , excel)

  • File System Agent ( file transfering like csv , excel)


Sami Uddin Ahmed Zia

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Do you have any estimated sizing template for MII used on some project. As MII sizing guide is quite complex and its very difficult to estimate size using guide.