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Sap odn concept & configurations

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Hiiii expert guru

Can anyone tell me of odn concept and configurat

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What does "odn" mean?

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tammy.powlas3 "ODN" means : Official Document Numbering. It is required in India, since the inception of GST (Goods & Services Tax), wherein every state will have it's own unique number range starting with state code. Any returns which needs to be filed, should have those unique number ranges from MM/SD/FI point of view. This is a standard SAP feature which came into effect post 2016.

I have also attached certain links in the answers below, pls refer the same for further information regarding it.


Vignesh Bhatt

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Please go through this link which explains how a member can create a discussion where it has been clearly mentioned to search first before posting any query. Also, being a global forum, avoid SMS language in SCN where not all members can understand your SMS language.

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