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SAP MRP Questions...

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Hoping to find some help here from some knowledgeable experts:

Situation: Trying to create an program to extract MRP results out of SAP(basically what you see in MD04).

Question 1: Does anyone know a way using the tables available through the ABAP interface to determine if a part has "activity" (has supply or demand or onhand) prior to performing a bunch of expensive queries? I really only want to extract the parts that have this but I can't figure out how to do this efficently.

Question 2: Trying to find an easy way to understand what SAP considers the a) Total active demand for a part is, b) Total active supply for a part is and c) Ending inventory balance based on MRP results. Does anyone know of a way to efficently determine this on a part by part basis?

Thanks in advance for any help anyone can provide me!



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Hi Kris

if you want to get a mirror image of the content in MD04, you can use the following Function Module:


I used that FM to extract the stock / requirements list using php - works nicely.

If you want to get the content of your operational plan (i.e what you see in MD04), be sure to specify import paramater PLSCN = 000.

Re - question 1 - the above FM should help you determine if a part has 'activity'.